Series and single pieces
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The pieces of Mel Redmer are results of own creation and production. Since 2016 she is creating series and single pieces in her atelier in Hamburg, where craftmanship and intuition interact. The novel pattern and processing is based on concepts concerning possible prospective standards in global fashion production. Every design is representing ideas to either repurpose textiles or effect the industry positively by other means.

Redmers signature design aspects are raw aesthetics that are formed by achieving claims of function regarding comfort and durability with mainly elastic and outstanding soft materials. She uses her sewing machine like a tool for creating sculptures and realizes her wearable visions in free projects – independent from commercial tailoring, seasons, sizes or algorithms of the business. That inspirational workflow including her characteristic ways of processing and finishing mostly ends in an unconcealed exposure of construction and inspires to try new liberating ways of ordinary dressing.

Showing signs of usage and aging represent the freedom of living and acceptance. Mel's love of deconstruction and destructive finishing roots in her deep belief that immortality of creatures and objects (clothing) starts with the cohabit of transience and life. So is the approval of an aging look therefore her only conviction to the infinite usage of clothing which leads to the only conviction of sustainable design.