Series and single pieces
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B/W Coat With Pockets Bubbly Wool Surface Wrappable, 320€
Asymmetric One Sleeve Turtleneck Top Cotton Rib, 120€
Atelier Scrap Top Wavey Seams Different Transparencies, 120€
Upcycled USotE Kimono Sweater Straight Fit Two, 180€
Fleece Kimono Coat Blue Green Darker Shades Wrappable, 320€
Symmetric Cut Fake Fur Wrappable Coat With Pockets, 320€
Upcycled USotE Kimono Sweater Straight Fit Four, 180€
Black Silhouette Dress Soft Touch Elastic Jersey, 140€
Upcycled USotE Kimono Sweater Straight Fit Three, 180€
Soft Viscose Long Wrap Skirt Pleated Drapage, 220€
Upcycled USotE Kimono Sweater Straight Fit One, 180€
Upcycled Three Pieces Sportswear Dress Black, 220€
Upcycled Fanscarf Kimono Dress Wide Straight Fit, 200€
Floppy Moonleather Glove Sewn-In Hand Shape Highly Elastic, 110€
Kimono Cut Dress Black Super Soft Jersey Long Sleeves, 140€
Semi Transparent Nude Stretchy Dress Floor Length Sleeves, 140€
Golden Silhouette Turtleneck Dress Tight Arms Sexy Silhouette, 160€
Cotton Cow Jersey Longsleeve Wavey Seams, 120€
Nude Natural Cotton Wrap Schürze Skirt Raw Edges, 120€
Cotton Crêpe Kaftan Dress Floor Length Slighty See Through, 160€
Green Neon Camouflage Mesh Longsleeve Wavey Seams, 120€
Kimono Cut Straight Wide Fit Dress With Extra Long Sleeves, 140,00€
Strong Stretch Bags With Black Silhouette Wavey Seams, 80€
Elastic Denim Shoulder Free Edges Dress Long, 230€
Black Silhouette Wool Semi Length Dress With Wide Arms, 160€
Cotton Snake Print Longsleeve Outer Seams, 120€
Asymmetric Shiny Moonleather Dress With Floppy Edges, 160€
Fringed Edges Draped-To-Body Denim Areas Shoulder Free, 160€