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Medium Stretch Bag

Size: 30x60 cm

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Sustainability: Designer-made-in-hamburg, No-Waste Production, Fabrics made in Europe

Description: Elastic durable black Polyester textile. Strong raw outside seams. I wear it since 2018 now nearly every day, have stretched it, overloaded it, thrown it in the corner, washed it. It still looks like new. Due to the stretch the weight in the bag bounces with you when you walk, so it feels not so heavy. Also, when you go grocery shopping and buy so much that you think you might need to buy an additional paper bag - you won't, because this stretch bag is never full - it just stretches bigger! I swear, it's amazing. Once I heard a wise man say: "Whenever a bag is good - Mel Redmer's Stretch Bag is better."