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upcycled fanscarf constructed sweater wide straight fit

Description: i got a bunch of used fanscarfs on a fleahmarket once. i always liked that they are so colourful and show a lot of interesting fonts. sometimes they are funny because they often really look how a cliche football fan would behave with expressions on it that say "tits and beer" or other scarfs that only exist to hate other football clubs. it's really stupid. but so is human kind right. i transformed the first scarfs into a blanket that hang there for a while in 2017 until i learned a new way of constructing comfortable clothes that are made from rectangular pattern pieces. i thought it was the perfect way to use the fanscarfs. with that pattern there is no production-waste made and i didn't have to throw away anything which really pleased me because somehow i really adore the history of these stupid scarfs. so i offer wide straight fit sweater or dresses, as you like, choose your length below. i offer three lengths: short 45cm (will be good worn with high waist trousers) medium 55cm (just an ordinary ending in hip-hight) and long 85cm (which will be like a wide mini dress that ends mid upper thigh hight). the construction is called kimono cut, because the wide straight fit reminds of a kimono.